First Lady Michelle Obama  bullying konusunda aşağıdaki açıklamayı yapmış:Ya ülkemizde kimsenin haberi bile yok.

The President and First Lady gave an address about the anti-bullying conference that they are having tomorrow (March 10) that included the quotes:

“Our children deserve the chance to learn and grow without constantly being picked on, made fun of, or worse…”

“… make our schools and communities a place where no one is made to feel alone, or afraid for being different.  Where all of our children can thrive.”

“Because putting a stop to bullying is a responsibility we all share”

I absolutely, positively, could not agree more with this.  Hell to the yeah is what I’m saying here.

Now, let’s talk about her “Let’s Move” anti-childhood obesity campaign:

First, I continue to believe that Michelle Obama has the best of intentions with her Let’s Move program. But it’s time for some accountability:  Mrs. Obama could have chosen to be FOR children’s health:  FOR fun movement options that kids enjoy, FOR healthy lunches, FOR healthy behaviors.

But she didn’t.  Instead, Mrs. Obama chose to be AGAINST childhood obesity.

The major problem with this is that you can’t be against childhood obesity without being against obese children.  Obese kids are not thin kids covered in fat, they are fat kids and the last thing that they need is the First Lady having an anti-them campaign.

But there she is, using her considerable platform and public profile to be sure that obese kids know that there is a war against them.

Both she and the President have called their own children chubbyon national television.

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